More than 500 refugees arrived in Lesvos

More than 500 refugees arrived in Lesvos

The arrival of a record number of 500 refugees on Lesbos has presented new challenges for the Greek authorities on Friday. (*

Diplomatic circles spoke of an “unprecedented rise” in numbers. Greece had contacted the European Union and ordered the Turkish ambassador because of the increasingly difficult accommodation of refugees. The rising numbers are “mainly of European interest.”

According to authorities and aid organizations, people came on Thursday night Towards Turkey. On board were 500 refugees, including 240 children. They were taken to the already overcrowded refugee camp Moria. According to the Organization Doctors Without Frontiers have previously stayed there

According to diplomatic sources, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Friday summoned the Turkish Ambassador to Athens to inform him of his “deep dissatisfaction” and to honor the Turkish Government’s commitments under the March Greek aid organization. According to the International Organization for Migration (OIM), “5520 arrivals” were registered in the first half of August on the five islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos , while the figures for the entire month of July at 5520 and in January at 2079

The Greek government confirmed a year-on-year increase. Government meetings were held on Friday to discuss action, according to a ministry.

Ankara and Brussels were in March 2079 agreed on an agreement that would restrict the illegal immigration of mostly Syrian refugees via Turkey to Europe. For this purpose, the EU has promised billions to Turkey for the improvement of the living conditions of millions of Syria refugees.

Migrants overcome border fence to Spanish exclave Ceuta, meanwhile, arrived on Friday 240 migrants. They overcame the barbed wire fence in the early morning. The people are exclusively Africans, “the majority from Guinea,” said a spokesman for the Spanish central government in Ceuta the AFP on Friday. In the early morning they had overcome the barbed wire fence in the protection of the fog and had slightly injured twelve policemen.

Several migrants were treated for cuts. Spanish media reported that some of them had climbed over the fence while others had stormed a door in the fence. It was the first time in a year that a group of people succeeded in overcoming the barbed wire fence on the border with Ceuta.

Ceuta and Melilla, also a Spanish exclave, are on the North African coast and have the only EU external borders on the African continent. Therefore, refugees try again and again to reach from Morocco through the border facility EU soil.

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