Freddie Mercury releases Time Waits for No One video

Nearly 30 years after his death, Freddie Mercury is starring in a modern song video.

The Queen frontman stars in the previously unreleased clip, which dropped Thursday morning by strategy of Trendy Music Community and parts a piano-pushed model of “Time Waits for No One,” in the starting up recorded in April 1986 for the thought album of the musical Time.

Though the usual model of “Time” contains layered production, songwriter, producer, and longtime Mercury pal, Dave Clark, worked for practically two years on stripping the tune’s 96 backing-discover vocals all the absolute top draw down to incorporate simplest Mercury’s soaring over a single piano. To present the clip a new sound, Clark furthermore brought in usual keyboardist, Mike Moran, to create a modern piano discover.

“We bought on huge…if I didn’t admire something I’d command, and vice versa,” Clark recalls of the “Time” recording lessons, in retaining with a Trendy Music Community press liberate. “We had been both aiming for the an identical thing: to originate something special.”

The video for the tune used to be filmed with four cameras all the draw through three hours on the Dominion Theatre in London, which furthermore hosted the worthwhile Time musical. Clark had the negatives from production and strips of unprocessed movie he bought in 2014, and worked with an editor to invent a modern model to accompany the reworked recording of “Time Waits for No One.”

Look the modern song video for “Time Waits for No One” above. The tune is now on hand to movement on digital platforms.

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